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Basel Alsheakh Ali-Architect & Visual Artist
Basel Alsheakh Ali was born in 1989 in Masyaf, Syria. He studied architecture with full scholarship at Imam Khomeini International University in Tehran. Basel currently lives in Greece and is an active visual artist. Today, he resides on Leros Island where he works as the Art Director of the ZINE magazine and as a Cultural Mediator and Interpreter for RIC. He started dealing with Art in Public Space, working together with a group of visual artists in Syria, as well as, on Leros. His studies in architecture are clearly depicted in his paintings, as the spectator can observe immense cubic constructions with small scale human figures while in other cases, the human figure constitutes a structural part of the building itself. His style resembles works of Metaphysical Art-a true descendant of Giorgio de Chirico.

Yeganeh Ghasemi-Visual Artist
Yeganeh was born in 1993 in Rasht, Iran and currently she lives in Athens where she offers art lessons to children and adults. She studied Computer Science at the University of Tehran and then started to participate in group art shows. In her works she experiments with various techniques and media, while her concepts concern the role of gender and especially the role of woman in today’s geopolitical reality. Although her work has political implications, she prefers to present the concept with a positive tone, which often gets a hint of irony. She thinks of art as life, since life itself is a form of art.

Shaghayegh Farhang-Photographer
Shaghayegh was born in 1993 in Iran. Her field of interest is fine art photography. Her images are usually an imprint of a journey, as she herself is an alpinist-a way out to the feelings of oppression she has experienced. She is capturing images of wild beauty, sometimes giving the impression of a mysterious landscape. In other cases, she is focusing in details in order to form a new abstract image. In her works there is always action and a feeling that something threatening is about to come.

Jameel Khan-Visual Artist
Jameel Khan was born in 2000 in the city of Kandahar, Afghanistan. He came to Greece two years ago and currently lives in Thessaloniki, where he works as an interpreter. Upon his arrival in Athens he was granted a scholarship giving him the chance to attend a drawing workshop. Subsequently, he continued to work with almost every kind of material, however remaining engaged to a specific concept: horses are the leitmotif that recurs in his works as a remembrance of his childhood in his homeland and as a perpetual monumental figure of freedom and beautiness. He has been influenced by the Greek cultural heritage as well as by the works of the great masters of Renaissance and especially those of Leonardo da Vinci.

Faisal Khodsuz-Visual Artist
Faisal was born in 1998, in Bandar Abbas, Iran. He came to Greece two years ago and instantly started attending courses as a scholar of Vakalo Art and Design College. He likes to experiment with mixed media and techniques, as he believes that every concept demands a different approach so as to be presented on the canvas as it was formed in his mind. Painting, drawing and tattoo art are his main interests. The figures presented in his works remind us of superheroes placed in a narrative surrealistic ambience. He is addicted to the creative process as it enables him to find the answers to fundamental issues. After all, he considers that forming a work of art resembles the carving of a map – if you are able to do the carving yourself, you can find your way to everywhere.

Aref Mohammadiyan-Photographer
Aref was born in 1992 in Ramsar, Iran. He studied Computer Science at the University of Tehran and currently lives in Athens where he is involved with photography. His work deals with the observation of the nature’s microcosm and colors, since he believes that beauty is almost exclusively found there. He is focused on the details which he shows through macro photography. In this way he aims to point out that small things are more important to him than the big picture.

Muhammad Nakam-Visual Artist
Nakam was born in 1985 in Iraq. He studied sculpture at Sulaymaniyah College of Fine Arts. He lives in Greece since 2017. In the past he has offered painting classes to refugee children and currently is attending workshops at the Athens School of Fine Arts. Over a year now, he is working on the project “A boat on the water is beautiful. But the water in the boat is terrible”. This project, presents the artist’s perspective on the Refugee Issue; he creates postcards and sends them around the world until they reach 3,333 in number. He is the narrator of a true life story expressed with various symbols. Even though the concept of his art is mostly political, his works often portray images of great beautiness and harmony. The most notable element in his painting is the predominant presence of light which is giving the sense of a mystical landscape during dusk. In his words: “I make art to transform dirt into beauty, pain into joy”.

Elias Sharifi-Photographer
Elias was born in 1997 in Herat, Afghanistan and lives in Greece for the past three years. He is mainly engaged to fashion and fine art photography. Upon his arrival in Athens, he started attending photography seminars and workshops (Amaka Organization-Art Therapy Greece, Elix, Solomon, Metapolis Photography Seminar and others) and is actively occupied with it ever since, trying to propagate his experience to others. His photos usually portray the faces of young people enjoying a life of innocence and sometimes tend to depict a passionate daydreaming ambience resembling contemporary icons of saints. In his own words, photography is the medium that facilitates storytelling by recounting its protagonists’ feelings. Above all, photography is his way of expressing the will for absolute freedom.