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Open Call for Volunteers: Stranger in A Strange Land Project
Deadline for submission of proposals: March 20th, 2019

Les écArtés is seeking for volunteer artists residing in Greece to participate in the “Stranger in A Strange Land” Project.
The project will take place at Sarafio Center for Sports, Culture and Innovation on the 14th to 18th of June, 2019.
This project will give participants the opportunity to interact with artists that have fled to Greece, and work with them on a concept that aims to encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences. This interaction will lead to the production of works and their presentation to the public.

Few words about the concept:
“Stranger in a Strange Land”
The meaning of the term “strange” is defined as something unknown and unfamiliar, thus foreign. In “Exodus”, Moses fled to Madiam to escape Pharaoh’s wrath, describing himself as “Stranger in A Strange Land”. The refugee Greeks who fled to mainland Greece after the Asia Minor Catastrophe were unwanted to the locals, feeling twice a stranger. Oedipus lived as a stranger in his homeland and as kinsman among strangers. In History and Literature there have been numerous cases where the concept of the terms “strange” and “familiar” are being compared, mixed and often complete each other.
The “Stranger in A Strange Land” project deals with the concept of “strange” as the aftermath of the “unfamiliar”. The participant artists having as a starting point the above references and their different cultural backgrounds, will work together to suggest their own perspective of the concept.

If you are interested, register in our newsletter, follow us on social media and send us your suggestions with a sample of your work to: [email protected]
With the support of Social Dynamo, a collaborative initiative between the Bodossaki Foundation and the City of Athens Municipality SynAthina team.


We organize our introduction to the public.

A group action based on synergies between Greek and non-Greek artists!

Stay tuned!


Our Organization is a member of the Social Dynamo’s Empowerment & Hosting Program along with 14 groups of the Civil Society!

It is a joint initiative of the Bodossaki Foundation, the City of Athens & synAthina, providing comprehensive support to civil society actors in Greece.

Their vision takes place in the fastest-developing and most modern hub in Athens, the Serafio Sports, Culture and Innovation Centre.

Thank you!!


We started our pilot program with a community of young artists from different cultural backgrounds. You will soon be able to see their works on our website.If you are an artist who has fled to Greece or you know someone who is interested in joining our community, contact us at conta[email protected]